Products We Offer

I believe everyone should print their photos!

There are many different reasons I feel this way.  You can read our blog on why having digital images only is a bad idea by clicking here

Below you will find some of my favorite products I offer to preserve your precious memories.

My favorite is the Folio Box

It is 11×14 inches, comes in 4 different colors, and comes from Ireland.

The box is covered in a luxurious soft touch faux leather type material. The interior is covered with a plush velvet.

Each matted board is alkaline-sized, acid-free and calcium carbonate buffered for enhanced durability and longevity.

You can store up to 30 matted 8×10 prints in the box.

A USB drive of your corresponding digital images is included with the folio box purchase. You can choose a jeweled heart (pictured below),  crystal rectangle, or a wooden USB.


The album is 8×8 inches.

Comes in 13 different colors.

You can have your name or a message embossed on the cover.

Wall Art 

I offer wall art professionally printed in the following sizes.

8×10 or 8×12

11×14 or 11×16

16×20 or 16×24

24×30 or 24×36

30×40 or 30×45

Hampshire Il, 60140

Phone: 630-677-2291