Wedding Photography Styles

There are a few different wedding photography styles to choose from.

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Traditional Wedding Photography Styles.

Traditional or classic wedding photography

The first type of wedding photography is known as traditional or classic, and is a more formal style. Photos done in a traditional or classic style are well-suited to be displayed in a wedding album.

A great deal of care goes into the perfect pose so all the details are presented exquisitely. The photographers who choose this style prefer to use shot lists to make sure even the smallest details are not overlooked.

Portraiture/ Dramatic

With portraiture style wedding photography, the photographers excel at taking formal, posed photos. This is the best option for couples who desire edgy/dramatic wedding portraits rather than the traditional, conservative style of traditional/classic shots.

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Photo-journalistic Wedding Photography Styles.


Photo-journalistic wedding photography

Photojournalism is popular with couples today, and it takes a realistic approach toward photographing a wedding. These shots are less posed and often less formal than the two aforementioned styles.

The photographer is mostly following you and your guests around, shooting things as they happen naturally. This is more of a storytelling method of your big day but the photographer does what they need to in order to get the shot. It also allows the couple the freedom to enjoy their special and sacred time together rather than worrying about posing for shots.


Natural Light

Natural light wedding photography is just as it sounds. Photographers who choose this method utilize the natural light available to them in order to create their photos.

The photographer who shoots with natural light does not use flash photography, so they are at the mercy of the light available to them, and must be skilled at dealing with the challenges which come with it. The photos developed by this style of photography use the warm and natural tones, shades, and shadows found only in a natural setting.

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Lifestyle Wedding Photography.

Lifestyle wedding photography

This method uses a blend of traditional and photojournalism photography. The couple and their guests will be placed in beautiful and interesting areas included as backgrounds for great composition or awesome lighting.

This method produces a blend of lightly posed and candid photographs from this kind of photography.

Captured by Lorraine 

My style of wedding photography uses a clever combination of photo-journalistic style with traditional and lifestyle elements mixed in.

I photograph things as I see them happen but will also pose the couple or guests for incredible results. I love to put couples in poses which will be both memorable and beautiful.

I work with a shot list, so I make sure to get the photos most important to you. However, I also make sure I photograph the smaller, more subtle things which may be over in the blink of an eye.

I’m always open to suggestions to ideas you may want to try for your wedding day and am happy to discuss these ideas with you. If my style is what you are looking for, or you’re intrigued by some of my ideas,then contact me now!

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