Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer

There are so many wedding photographers to choose from these days. Getting to know the person who might shoot your big day is a very important step in the process. There are several questions you’ll want to ask a wedding photographer, but here are the best ones to make sure they are a great fit for you.

Is my date available?

The first thing you’ll want to ask the photographer is if your wedding date is available. If it is; great! If not, will you be willing to move the date of your wedding to one they have open?

questions to ask a wedding photographer

How do I hire you?

The next thing you should ask is how to go about booking them. All photographers are different when it comes to holding your wedding date, so you’ll want to know what their procedures are, should you hire that photographer.

How many weddings like mine have you shot?

Another good question to ask is how many weddings similar in size and style to yours they have shot in the past.

You’ll want to make sure they have a good amount of experience so they can capture your big day the best way possible. Ask them for samples or a portfolio of similar weddings to yours to make a judgment.

What is your shooting style?

You’ll want to know what their shooting styles are. There are a few different styles of photography. Check out my blog on wedding photography styles to see which style appeals most to you.

Another thing to consider is if the photographer will blend in and be like a ninja at the wedding, or take charge of posing and setting up the shot. Some people like to be posed and professionally directed for the best shot, while others prefer spontaneity and like to have things captured as they happen.

Are you insured?

Make sure to ask the photographer if they have insurance. If anything were to happen that involved the photographer they should have the sufficient insurance to cover these incidents.

Wedding, Oak Brook Wedding, PinstripesDo you have back up equipment?

Make sure they have backup equipment. This is vital because if they only have one camera and one lens and it breaks during the day, they have no other way to continue shooting. Make certain their backup equipment is of the same quality as their primary gear.

You don’t want to miss any moments because the photographer wasn’t prepared.

What if you are sick or have an emergency?

Another very important question to ask the photographer is if they have a backup plan should they be unable to photograph your wedding.

It would be an absolute nightmare to find out your photographer wouldn’t be able to make your big day, and they did not have a second photographer of equal skill and style to fill in for them. It’s vital for your peace of mind to know they have a contingency plan!

Will you be my photographer?

One question which might not seem obvious is to ask who is doing the shooting at your wedding. If you are choosing the photographer because you love their particular style, you’ll want to make sure they will be the ones actually performing the photography at your wedding.

Some companies have a few different employees who shoot the weddings. Make sure you familiarize yourself with their contingent photographer’s style and quality before selecting them; you don’t want to be surprised with a style or product you don’t like on your wedding day!

When will I get to see my photos and products?

One last question to ask the wedding photographer should be how long you’ll expect to wait for the finished photographs after the wedding event is complete. Some photographers have a faster turnaround period than others. You’ll want to have a realistic idea of when you will get your photos.

These are some of the most important questions to ask your potential photographer. If you have any questions about hiring Captured by Lorraine contact us now!

Check out our blog on choosing the best wedding photographer for you!

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